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Modish Maison

European Tabletop Fireplace

European Tabletop Fireplace

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This European Tabletop Fireplace is perfect for providing warmth and ambiance to any outdoor space. It features an all-metal construction with heat baffles to ensure a safe and consistent heat output. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of this elegant and durable tabletop fireplace.

Material: Iron
Style: European
Color classification: Black white silver stainless steel

Operating instructions:
Put the alcohol tank into the fireplace base, and pour 95%+ ethanol into the tank evenly
The glass fiber inside the tank absorbs alcohol 

Please follow instructions carefully to avoid overfilling the tank
Use a long utility lighter for safety when lighting the fireplace
Place the round tube glass on the base to control the direction of flames
Use the fire rod to extinguish the fire (the fire rod should stay on the alcohol tank to ensure that the fire is extinguished)

Packing list:


Instruction manual

Fire rod

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